Gourmet Mocha Coffee Spoons 24 Count Box


Product Description

These spoons make it simple to stir a rich Mocha flavor into your coffee. Each golden colored spoon is thickly coated with a delicious mocha coffee taste. These flavored spoons are wonderful with coffee, and will also add a delicious flavor to your favorite hot chocolate. You will receive 24 Mocha Flavored Coffee Spoons packaged in a handy display box. Each gourmet flavored spoon is individually wrapped for freshness and embellished with a colorful label. The box lid folds up to create a beautiful display. There are many possibilities of how you can use this quality, tasty product: Keep a box at home for everyday use – Use the display box and sell the spoons individually – Party favors for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and more – Buy a box to treat your coworkers or employees at the office – Serve them at your next dinner party with the evening coffee. Your order will include one box of Mocha Flavored Coffee Spoons, 24 spoons per box. Each spoon has .6oz of flavoring. We will ship the coffee spoons direct to you from our warehouse.