Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley 3LB Bulk Jar


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Product Description

Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley is a tasty concoction of deluxe chocolate covered dried fruit – perfect for parties! Colorful bite sized chocolate covered fruit looks great in a candy bowl. Great snacks to keep on hand. Chocolate is high in antioxidants and Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley snacks include dried fruits that are also high in anti-oxidants. The dried fruit in the Fruit Medley chocolate covered fruit mixture includes Strawberries, Apricots, Bing Cherries, Royal Cherries, Cranberries, Blueberries, and Apricots. Blends of chocolate in premium Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate coat the gourmet dried fruits. Fruit Medley chocolate covered fruits are double coated with chocolate blends. Revolving pans coat the fruits evenly and the result is a delectable chocolate fruit morsel with a soft colored chocolate coating and a soft chewy real dried fruit center. A pleasure to see and a pleasure to your palette. Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley from Dilettante is a crowd pleaser at any kind of event! Your order will include one Bulk Jar of Chocolate Fruit Medley, net weight 3 pounds. Purchase direct from the original manufacturer – we will ship these items direct to you from our warehouse.